“I’m passionate about helping financial advisors like you dominate your market and build a legacy in your local community.”

My Totally Unlikely Story to Success

After reaching the point of total frustration and feeling trapped in a dead-end job, I decided to take a risk, bet on myself, and launch my own financial planning business. There I was, a 24-year-old punk (with a mustache that couldn’t meet in the middle!), offering to manage people’s money for them.

I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, who would invest money with a young kid like me? I was just another financial advisor. There was nothing that set me apart.

Until one day, an amazing thing happened.

My phone began to ring. My calendar booked up. My business began booming.

People began to say to me, “Derrick, we want to work with you, because of the work you do in the community.”

Pause for a sec. It was not the car I drove, the house I lived in, or the people I knew that made clients want to work with me. It was the impact my business was having on the local community.

Today, I call it your “Generosity Purpose.”

It grew my financial planning practice into one of the top in the nation. financial planning practice one of the top in the nation. And today, the Generosity Purpose is helping thousands of financial advisors across the country crush their revenue goals and build a base of loyal, buying clients.

And it can grow your business too.


Become a Hero in
Your Local Community.

When you walk into a room, I want people to know you’re a respected financial advisor and revered as a community leader and hero. When that happens, you will attract your ideal clients and your revenue will skyrocket. We want to teach you how.


This might be controversial…but it’s made me a lot of money.

Too many financial advisors keep thinking, “I need to focus more on the features and benefits of the investment and insurance products I’m offering.”

But they don’t focus on solving a problem.

Your product or service probably doesn’t need more a longer explanation of the fancy features.. As long as you’re solving a problem, you just need more people to know that you exist. Don’t make it about the product or service. Make it about the person whose problem you’re helping solve. Make it about impacting your local community.

That’s exactly what we teach small business owners at Good Money Business Consulting—and much, much more.


The More Official Stuff

Derrick Kinney is changing how you feel about money—and it’s beginning a revolution (literally!) involving business leaders around the country. He’s the brand-new author of the national Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling book, Good Money Revolution.

Kinney believes money is not bad and good people (like you!) should have more of it. After applying these proven principles with thousands of clients, Kinney sold his multimillion-dollar business to teach these success steps to you.

As CEO of Good Money Framework and host of the popular Good Money Podcast, Kinney visits with the best business minds to bring you interviews, stories, and inspiration so you can build the business and wealth you deserve.

Known for making complex financial topics easy to understand, Kinney is a sought-after guest on local and national media where he has been interviewed on CNBC, FOX News, CNN, FOX Business, PBS, Cheddar News, and Wall Street Journal among others.

My “Generosity Purpose”

I’m passionate about investing in the lives of young people and helping them reach their full potential.

From leading the Business Club at my children’s school to hosting a weekly “Family Dinner” for some college and young adults in our area (with free food of course!), I know that investing in young people pays the highest dividends!